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By Stuart Eatock

ECE Group launch Sustainability Tool Kit

ECE have launched their Sustainability Tool Kit in order to manage and improve the carbon impact of future projects.

The Sustainability Tool Kit draws on the RIBA plan of work, internationally recognised standards and guidance and took 18 months to develop by ECE’s sustainability team.

The tool kit will assist our clients in discussions around sustainability whilst informing the project journey. It records design decisions at RIBA stages, provides a reference when agreeing specific targets and helps to see that these targets are met. We hope that the toolkit can act to safeguard decisions made during the design process at construction phase and become a key piece of QA documentation as well as a design tool.

As Architects, we can make a difference in how we design to tackle the climate emergency and make a significant contribution to lowering the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

Working with our clients, we aim to educate and improve our design choices.

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