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By Till Scherer

Measuring What Matters: The Future of Sustainability

Till Scherer speaks on sustainability at the Revit Technology Conference in Budapest

The Revit Technology Conference took place on 29th October 2015, providing an opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top industry experts and allowing for ideas to be shared.

Having already spoken at a number of sustainability conferences and won various low carbon project awards, Till’s presentation addressed:

The current challenges relate to making sustainability relevant rather than a buzzword and understanding a client’s priorities. Despite the benefits associated with sustainability it is commonly associated with increased project costs, which leads inevitably to caution in the construction industry and with client often undertaking the minimum to achieve industry standards rather than aspire for innovation.

Defining what sustainability means in the realms of a client’s priorities allows the team to focus on measuring what really matters. Using the Measuring Performance Gains approach, the team are able to view sustainability as an opportunity, not a hurdle. It introduces Performance into the architect’s design processes of Form and Function and through the use of various tools designers can assess what impact their design decisions have.

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