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CCG Central Brighton Campus – Phase 2

Phase Two of ECE’s regeneration of Chichester College Group’s Central Brighton Campus masterplan has received planning consent. This includes updating the existing Pelham Tower with over-cladding, creating better education facilities whilst also improving environmental and thermal performance.

The tower was originally completed in the 1970’s with the envelop largely unchanged, resulting in poor thermal performance and airtightness. This has resulted in elevated heating costs in winter and overheat conditions in the summer. Retaining the substructure and superstructure will save up to 2,650 tonnes of carbon, the equivalent emissions for heating 980 homes annually. The proposed ‘fabric first’ upgrades will save up to 41% of operational running costs and reduce gas consumption by 33%. The overall safety of the building will be improved with the installation of fire barriers into the façade.

The proposed design wraps the cladding from the south elevation to a third of the length on the east and west facades. The cladding elevates the tower to a more slender and elegant appearance. The design incorporates replacement roofing, insulation, and improved glazing with solar control blinds.

A visual portal has been introduced to the high point of the south face of the tower. With plans to be illuminated at night, the portal references the historic churches surrounding the college, particularly St Bartholomew’s Church. Signage will be located on the east and west elevations to ensure the best visibility for the college, facing the direction of students, staff, and visitors as they arrive at the campus.