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Hilton London Bankside

ECE have received an unanimous decision from Southwark Council to grant planning permission for our proposals to extend the Hilton London Bankside Hotel.

The five-star hotel is situated in Southwark, a stone’s throw from the ECE London studio. Since opening in 2015, the hotel has become a vibrant component of the area’s exciting cultural hub, which is represented through an eclectic mix of interior décor and urban art.

Upper floor extensions will provide an additional 82 guestrooms, which will allow the hotel to accommodate an extra 3400 guests per month. The extension of Hilton Bankside will increase levels of tourism in the area and boost the local economy.

The hotel has seen significant demand for more accommodation due to its proximity to major landmarks and tourist attractions, and currently has a mid-week occupancy rate of 95% (Pre-Covid).

Our design team has undergone a thorough and lengthy consultation process with the London Borough of Southwark Planning Department.

Proposals include a series of single storey infill extensions over existing fourth, fifth and sixth floor level, enclosure of extensive existing rooftop plant within a new louvred envelope at equivalent eighth floor level and a new ninth floor level over. The proposals have been carefully located to develop a scheme of appropriate scale and design detail that respects the Grade II and Grade II* Listed buildings opposite whilst working with the established build pattern of the surrounding area.

Stuart Bailey, CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group, felt that:

“ECE Architecture have successfully achieved the brief set out by Splendid. They have provided excellent feedback to us as clients and challenged our thinking to enable a far better outcome than anticipated. The team have been clear, concise and have adapted to client requests throughout the process.”

Lightweight clear glazing, translucent and fritted glass are just some of the proposed external material treatments selected to complement the existing building and subtly accentuate the new ninth floor.