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By Stuart Eatock

Realising Estate Value

Stuart attended the Education Estates Conference on 19th October 2016 to deliver a talk on ‘Realising Estate Value’. The presentation centred on a 5 year masterplan to transform the teaching and learning environment at Northbrook College in Worthing.

In 2010 Northbrook College was considered to have one of the poorest quality college estates in the UK. ECE Architecture worked with the team at Northbrook College to develop and deliver a 5 year masterplan to realise the value of their estate. Having completed four phases including two land disposals and four new build and refurbishment projects the programme was completed earlier this year.

Within his presentation Stuart explored this 5 year journey, including pertinent topics such as:

Each of the four building projects required a mix of new build and refurbishment to achieve the College’s requirements while meeting affordability criteria. Stuart used this talk to explore and review the decision-making process and identify the key drivers for each project.

Stuart ended his presentation with this message:

“We’re in a new era of education with smaller and more agile estates. Making the decision to forego land in favour of creating the funds for regeneration is brave, but advancement comes with trade-offs, invest in the future.”

For more information on each of the Northbrook College phases please click on the links below:

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