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Worthing Festival a piECE of our mind

ECE Architecture is participating in this year’s Worthing Festival with a live art installation unfolding during the festival to celebrate ‘Our Worthing’.

Who are we?

ECE Architecture is an award-winning Architect and Town Planning practice with studios in Worthing, London and Bristol, specialising in education, residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare sectors. You might have seen our work in and around Sussex such as the Wiston Estate Winery just north of Worthing, the Lady Bee Enterprise Centre at Shoreham Port, and Bohunt School in Worthing to name a few.

Currently residing in the Bayside building on the seafront, we have been located in Worthing since ECE formed in 2011 and as Architects we find ourselves inspired by our immediate surroundings. Worthing is full of architectural gems in the vibrant built environment with amazing Georgian, Victorian, and Art Deco heritage benefitting from the close connection to the extraordinary coastline and natural marine environment.

Not only does Worthing have some fascinating architecture (with 26 conservation areas) but it has a fantastic array of natural beauty including the 47m2 Kingmere Marine Conservation zone.

A piECE of our mind

We are constantly being challenged by the effects of climate change which continue to affect our built and natural environments. As a company, we are committed to a strong sustainability agenda that reflects the challenges climate change brings.

During the Worthing Festival running from June 10th to 18th, our team will turn our studio windows into live canvasses to highlight the issues and celebrate the facts surrounding our unique coastal location. We hope to inspire and educate with our hand-drawn artwork – the chosen medium as a nod to our architectural skills we use to design buildings.

You can find even more information about our designs here.