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By Selina Walker

Women in Construction Sussex hosts inspiring workshop on Personal Resilience

Last week, ECE Architecture and ECE Planning hosted an insightful Women in Construction – Sussex workshop on Personal Resilience. The event, facilitated by SleepingGiant Consulting, drew a diverse group of participants from architecture, construction and planning, all eager to learn about the complexities of resilience and how to approach challenges in both professional and personal situations.

The workshop provided a hands-on exploration of inner strength and adaptability, crucial traits in today’s fast-paced and often unpredictable world. The focus was on five key characteristics of personal resilience: Perspective, Emotional Intelligence, Connections, Managing Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Energy, and Purpose, Values, and Strengths.

Three images showing three women at a women in construction sussex event.

The facilitators, Karen Fugle and Nadja Lavin guided the participants through a journey of self-discovery, emphasising that personal resilience extends beyond merely ‘bouncing back’ from adversity. It is about adapting and evolving, emerging from challenges with a renewed perspective and a toolkit of strategies for future obstacles.

In an engaging combination of exercises and discussions, attendees examined their own strengths and weaknesses. They confronted the universal challenges that life throws our way – from family crises and mental health struggles to professional upheavals like redundancy or the pressure of a big promotion. The workshop highlighted that understanding one’s patterns in the face of adversity is key to strengthening resilience.

A group of workshop participants discussing personal resilience at Women in Construction Sussex workshop hosted by ECE Architecture.

The final exercise allowed participants to identify their strongest and weakest resilience characteristics. A surprising revelation was that most attendees excelled in ‘Connections’, yet many found ‘Perspective’ to be their weakest area. This led to a powerful session where those who were strongest in each area shared strategies and insights, enriching the collective understanding and toolkit of the group.

Amazing how the workshop was run – got people that didn’t know each other to communicate on quite a deep level. A main takeaway was the 5 points to resilience, and that if you’re going through a pressured time, to check in and see how you’re doing in each of them.”Abi St Aubyn, St Aubyn Tree Consultancy

Fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability in the construction industry is not just commendable; it’s essential. In a field often dominated by challenging situations and high-stress environments, empowering individuals with the skills to navigate these complexities is paramount.

This workshop proved that personal growth and professional development are not just about acquiring technical skills. It’s about building a resilient mindset, capable of transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

For more information on future workshops and initiatives, please keep an eye on our LinkedIn.

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