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Bedfordwell Road

ECE have received approval for a residential development on the Former Bedfordwell Road Depot site in Eastbourne.

The designs propose 100 sustainable living spaces, consisting of apartments, houses and community use. The project includes the conversion of the existing Grade II Listed Victorian pump House and Annex into 20 bespoke apartments.

The site comprises of an irregular shaped piece of land with the main orientation running north to south towards its access point at Bedfordwell Road. The main part of the site formerly used as a depot with several associated storage buildings have since been demolished.

The Grade II Listed Pump House, which originally opened in 1883 sits proudly within the centre of the site forming an important consideration during the development of the scheme. It comprises the former engine house and adjacent boiler house, which was designed by Henry Currey, an Architect for the Duke of Devonshire’s estate.


ECE’s design has been continually developed and refined in correlation with site analysis undertaken throughout the pre-application stage, while working with officers, consultees, councillors and the general public.

The architectural approach proposes a contemporary solution which harmonises the traditions of the past, using the grandeur and massing at building level and material palette that is designed to fit within the contextual setting of the site. Red and buff brickwork have been selected as primary materials to complement the Pump House.

The client wished to pursue a sustainable agenda for the site with low car parking numbers, a high proportion of cycle storage for each dwelling and a dedicated cycle lane supporting the transport strategy. All new build properties have been designed to achieve an EPC A rating with photovoltaics, MVHR and air source heat pumps supporting this approach.