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Sustainability Services

ECE recognise that we are at a critical time for our planet – our impact as designers is significant in terms of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

To complement our architectural services, we can offer integrated services such as Sustainability and Energy statements for Planning, through to Passivhaus Designer Services and Embodied Carbon Assessments.  These services can help reduce carbon, capital investment, and running costs and improve comfort for users over a building’s life.


ECE undertake feasibility studies for many of our built projects.

Our feasibility studies would generally include: obtaining and collating data on the site; establishing the vision and aspirations of key stakeholders; commissioning relevant surveys; reviewing planning guidance; establishing site constraints; developing an outline schedule of accommodation and masterplan; further consultation including planning, highways and other relevant consultees.

Design work undertaken during the feasibility stage is invaluable in setting the context for future design development.


We work across all sectors – housing, education, commercial and community and are experts at masterplanning for both urban and rural sites. We aim to create beautiful, successful and sustainable places that benefit society as a whole.

A well considered masterplan helps our clients develop their estate, covering issues of condition and function of existing buildings, while establishing the need for new buildings and informing expenditure planning.

We look to ensure that any existing buildings are utilised to their full potential. Surveys and utilisation analysis  help us and our clients understand how to best use existing facilities.

Design & Delivery

We develop projects that maximise the potential of each site, create value for our clients and have a positive impact on the environment.

By developing our projects in a BIM environment we can visualise our designs to stakeholders and coordinate with the wider design team. Our clients benefit from our proactive design team leadership approach, clear programming and expectation management.

Architecture can have a positive impact, we create buildings and spaces that enhance our lives while responding to their context.

Interior Design

When developing our designs, we ensure that the details and finishes complement each other and create appealing spaces that work for the building users.

Interior design has a different focus to the exterior architecture, while they should complement each other. The more transitionary nature of interior finishes allows us to develop bold ideas that communicate and instil a sense of personality and fun.

We use materials, textures and colour to accentuate the internal qualities of our buildings.


Refurbishment brings particular challenges.

We look at the whole building strategically in order to make the best use of space: improve the building fabric; provide a better environment for the building users; and with the wider design team, devise an energy strategy that reduces carbon emissions.

From feasibility through the detailed design process, we look for opportunities created by the existing building while managing the complex technical delivery issues associated with refurbishment.