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St John’s Court

ECE has received planning permission for a retrofit project located at St John’s Court in Lancing, West Sussex. With aims to revitalise an existing apartment block and introduce a well-considered and high-quality extension, the project will introduce an additional nine flats achieving a total of 18 flats at St. John’s Court.

The current site features a modest three-storey apartment block from the 1960s with the architectural style of this era evident in the building’s design and character. However, with the proposed improvements, the block will undergo a significant transformation to bring it up to date.


To achieve this transformation, the proposed site plan includes the introduction of a new block extension to the south of the existing St John’s Court. As part of this plan, the garages will be removed, making space for a new parking area that caters to the needs of the development. This strategic arrangement will optimise the use of the available space and enhance the overall functionality of the site.

In addition to the structural changes, the proposed plan emphasises the importance of integrating communal gardens and landscaping throughout the site. This approach aims to establish a more harmonious relationship with the neighbouring residential gardens, creating a natural and visually appealing environment.

As part of the comprehensive refurbishment, the apartment block will undergo improvements including the installation of an insulated render system and new windows. These enhancements will significantly improve the building’s energy performance, contributing to sustainability goals and ensuring a more comfortable living experience for the residents.